Taking pictures of the first spring flowers never loses its appeal. Year after year, violets, primroses, bluebells and. marsh marigolds ask to be photographed., and each year I imagine I can do it better.
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Spring Wild flower Gallery

Blackthorn in April.
Coltsfoot,one of the first spring flowers to show, often on bare inhospitable ground. The beautiful flowers promise sunshine
King-cups or Marsh Marigolds. Well known flowers often have a number of common names?
We should look after our bluebells, They are only native to the coast of N.W. Europe and in particular-the west of the British Isles.
The Early Dog Violet is often missed. Recognise it by the purple spur at the back of the flower. More common on limestone areas.
Toothwort, an early spring flower, often missed it produces ghostly pink/white flowers at the end of March
The woodland floor is decorated by Wood Anemones for a few weeks in early April (above and below)
Yellow Flags are worth a closer look, but often ignored
Hedgebanks facing south are often decorated with Dog Violets
See below
Wood Sorrel loves damp shaded woodland, bothtree trunks and woodland floor. Sharp tasted leaves contain Oxalic Acid (only tiny amounts)
A favourite flowers to photograph, maybe because I feel I have never done it justice!
The bluebell wood at Killymoon is beautiful from mid to late May.
Water Avens flowers appear for only a few weeks in May.
2016 - A great year for bluebells, and the bluebell woods at Lissan are among the best in N.I.
Rhododendron-Drum Manor