I began taking photos around the age of 12, but have no illusions-my talent is limited. What I do want to share , is the pleasure this hobby has given me, for well over 50 years.
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What do I photograph?

An interest in Natural History, and walking hills and coasts provides opportunity to photograph a wide range of subjects. Fungi, wild flowers, insects and scenery are my inspiration. I am more likely a naturalist who takes photographs rather than a photographer who uses nature as his subject. The site is intended to convey a love of nature more than photographic skills. Retirement from teaching some 13 years ago gave me time to take pictures. Although in my 70’s, I keep as up to date as possible with technology.

Where are my pictures taken?

Most are taken within 50 miles of Cookstown,Co.Tyrone. Fortunately within this 50 miles, there are unspoiled coastlines, lakes, rivers and mountains. For me, pictures just happen-I don’t go looking for special sunsets or sunrises nor spend hours setting up a picture-but maybe I should !


Orchis morio


What I can afford. Two Sigma SLR’s and a range of Sigma lenses are used and sometimes a Canon Compact which also produces good photos. Relatively small files from Sigma cameras can be used to produce large prints with little deterioration in quality.
Three limes-Frosty morning,Killymoon.